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Hey guys,
I have a HP compaq dc 5550S small form factor pc. I want to be able to upgrade to a graphics card with at least a shader model 3. My pc has a 250 watt power supply and a pci x1 pci x16 pc1 slots. what graphics card can i put in it? can i upgrade the power supply to be able to get a better one?
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  1. sorry i meant dc5750S
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    It this your system?

    If so, then I don't know if the power supply is replaceable. You'll need to scour the HP forums and tech support options to make sure. Even so, you're probably still going to be limited to a single slot width graphics card, given the configuration of your system. Additionally, you're going to be limited by the physical length of the card as it appears the CPU cooler would be in the way for longer graphic cards.

    Given your situation, I'd first measure the space between the CPU cooler and the rear of the case to determine what length graphics card would fit. Then I'd check the length of various single slot (the GPU cooling heatsink/fan doesn't extend over to a second expansion slot) Radeon HD6450/HD6570 graphic card. Neither of these cards should require an power supply upgrade, but neither are going to be able to play games very well either.

    -Wolf sends

    Edit: Forgot to mention that if the linked system is your system, then in addition to being short in length and low powered, the graphics card also needs to be low-profile.
  3. ya you can find low profile hd6570 to put in your system.. no power supply upgrade required.. but if you want a more powerful card then you will have to replace your current psu .. what games you wanna play and what resolution you wanna play at ?
  4. well i really have no hopes for this machine as a gaming pc. I plan on building a good pc when i get the money some time in December but for now i wanted to just get a good enough graphics card to run UDK when i tryed to install it it said i needed a graphics card with at least a shader model 3.0 which apparently i don't have. does the HD 6570 have that?
    Anyways Thanks for the help guys
  5. Hey sorry for being such a "youngster" just saw that the HD 6570 has shader model 5.0 :) but that raises the question can my cruddy old com support this kind of awesomeness without freaking out and exploding??? and Wolfshadw that is exactly my system.
  6. yes shader model 5.0 will be fully compatible in your pc.. i too have a shader model 5 based graphics card in my 4 year old problems
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