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Hey everyone.

Just wanted some suggestions on monitors for Eyefinity, i'll be running a 3x1 landscape setup. I'm looking for monitors with thin, or indeed no bezzles depending on how expensive they are, and preferably around the 23"-24" screen size at 1920x1080.

I currently run 2x Radeon HD 6950 2Gb's in crossfire. Would this be adequate for this many monitors at 1080p?

Thanks for your time!
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  1. Yes, the two HD6950s should be adequate for running 5760x1080. As for which monitors to get, to make things simpler, I'd recommend going with monitors that have a native DisplayPort input. Unless I'm mistaken, using the DisplayPort output of a graphics card is still a requirement for Eyefinity setups.

    23" 1920x1080 displays with DisplayPort input
    24" 1920x1080 displays with DisplayPort input

    -Wolf sends
  2. Quote:
    I currently run 2x Radeon HD 6950 2Gb's in crossfire. Would this be adequate for this many monitors at 1080p?

    Depends on what games, settings and what you like as far as FPS.

    The 6950's will be fine for most games... but the cards will have issues with the PC blockbuster titles @ the higher settings.

    I speak from experience... I run Eyefinity and 2 X 6990's. For competitive gameplay (online shooters) I disable Eyefinity and run a single screen. Not only does multi-monitor reduce FPS X 3 it also induces input lag.

    Honestly, I'm kinda sick of Eyefinity and want to go to a higher resolution display ex- Dell UltraSharp U3011 30" and just use a second 1080p display as a system monitor.
  3. Thanks for the suggestions! Keep them coming :) Just to add I live in the UK so any etailer suggestions throw them out there. With regards to what RussK1 has said what are peoples' views on eyefinity? good experience or bad? Lastly, what are peoples' experience with a single, higher resolution monitor say at 2560x1440?
  4. Eyefinity is cool... But doesn't work with every game and the ones that don't one hopes there's a fix using Widescreenfixer. If not, sol.

    If you have the cash I'd recommend the moving up the food chain and going big 27" - 30" 2560x1440 and up.
  5. They're both sweet. I like the Dell even though the Samsung uses a PLS panel, a 1 ms response advantage and a considerably lower power consumption. The Dell's advantage of 1 billion colors vs the Samsung's 16 miliion would be a decision maker for me.
  6. Yeah, I was definitely considering the dell, I just hope my 6950's are up the the task :??:
  7. Lets do the math~

    5760x1080 = 6,220,800 pixels to render
    2560x1440 = 3,686,400 pixels to render

    You'll be fine and have better image quality to boot.
  8. Cheers Russ, thanks for your help! Ill definitely pick up the dell within the next month, looking forward to it!
  9. No problem. I don't think you'll be disappointed, besides it'll be nice watching movies on.

    I'll be making the transition soon myself.
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