AMD 8350 or the i7 3770k for: Gaming + Rendering.

Hey guys, I have been at a tough decision lately whether to get the AMD 8 core 8350 or the i7 3770k.

I will give a background to what I do;

I make videos for YouTube, a lot of rendering goes into it obviously for editing. I use programs such as Sony Vegas, Adobe after effects, Cinema4D and Boujou.

I am thinking of taking media studies next year for my A levels, so a fast render time is important for me.

I also play a lot of games like FPS such as Counter strike source, Cod, BF3 and other games like League of Legends.
Current PC specifications;
-i7 950 @ 3.02GHz
-4GB DDR3 1066MHZ RAM (my cpu only supports that :S.)
-660TI DirectCU2
-2x1 TB HDD's
-60GB SSD.
I need to find out which CPU is more worth the price, as they are virtually the same a lot of people will say AMD but I need good detailed answers for that. I am able to afford both of these cpu's but I just want to know which one is more worth it for its price. If I get the AMD CPU, I will save £100 but will I be losing out on more future products if I get it, as in my opinion Intel seems to last longer that has slightly faster speeds. Or do I get the 3770k, spend the £100 that could go to something else (like peripherals.)

Please help!
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  1. If you have the money, in my opinion it is much better spent on intel. They are light speeds ahead of amd... sorry underdog
  2. As far as game wise according to benchmarks posted on this site vs the 3770 The fps were very closely the same.
    here's a comparison for video editing. I'm not sure where they were both clocked at almost 5ghz each and the power consumption graph is crazy. For a 4.6ghz overclock on my 8320 its not ~200w its 150 or so depending on my vcore I use. But benchmarks vary. Both are good CPUs and will be happy in either case.
  3. 8350 rendering
    4770 gaming

    8350 outperform 4770 in rendering or high multi-threading tasks (8 cores 4Gb clock speed)

    4770k outperform 8350 in gaming (powerful architecture)
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