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I am thinking about installing mac osx on my pc, but i still want to play my pc games.

my question is this:

If I install windows on my hackintosh pc via bootcamp will this affect the in game performance of my gpu (currently a radeon hd 6850 possibly soon a nvidia 660) and/or my processor (i5 4core 3.3ghz)?

any guidance would be greatly appreciated.

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    It's right there at the top of the OSX EULA, first and second page:

    You can't install OSX on any non-Apple product. Since this is a violation of the EULA, and therefore illegal software, we cannot help you in any way. I am sorry.
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  3. yep! goodbye!
  4. Gaming performance wouldn't be affected. Boot Camp doesn't work with a Hackintosh. The Boot Camp utility is only compatible with Apple's Logic Boards. Here is a great video that will explain how to dual boot OS X and Windows.
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