SB Live 5.1 + Yamaha TSS-1 problem

I just bought a new PC and a sound system and already I am having a major problem. I have tried to make a 5.1 mode to work but no luck yet. With a sound system packet I got punch of cables but not the one I needed when using digital connection. So I bought a converter that converts RCA to minijack (RCA to Yamaha and minijack to SB). With this configuration just front speakers work. If I use analog connection everything works ok (4 speakers). Do I need a special cable to get a 5.1 work or am I doing something else wrong? I have tried all different configurations and settings and it just don't work. PLEASE HELP ME!

Thank you
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  1. Lots of people have had problems getting their Lives to work with a DVD-ROM. Usually the center channel is missing. Blame Creative's drivers.
    No fix that I know of, sorry. Keep your eyes open for newer drivers.

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  2. OK, I got some help but it is still not working. First problem was that I was using coaxial cable to connect devices. If I understood correctly I need to use toslink to miniplug cable to make 5.1 work - right? I got the cable but still no sound at all. I tried to uninstall everything but no help. If I pull off another end of the optical cable should I see light beam if SB is sending anything. No light. Does anyone know SB drivers that should work with digital connection? What does the text VDM mean - Creative SB Live! series(VDM)?

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