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Hi all,

I had an AGP HD4650 Radeon, which for example would play sc2 on "high settings", whereas I just now installed my new PCI-Ex16 HD4650 Radeon, which does not work as well on "high settings" in sc2. The drivers are apparently updated for my pci-e card, so what could be causing the discrepancy when it's the same card? Thanks
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  1. Your motherboard has both AGP and PCI-E slots?

    What was the point of buying another 4650?
  2. nono, i upgraded the motherboard and so i had to get a pci-e version because, of course, there was no agp slot on the newer board.
  3. I don't know, it's a very low end card, I'm surprised it even plays medium settings.

    Are you using the same resolution? Same cpu?
  4. same res, yes, but the cpu is an upgrade even. i went from 2.2 ghz single core to 2.8 dual core, and its 5 percent overclocked....

    maybe it has something to do with the fact that the agp card is directly connected to power supply and the pci-e one is not??
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