6300 vishera

i want to know if prime95 is the way to go. im a little concerned it will screw my pc up but maybe someone will know for sure. my specs are...

6300 fx vishera black edition
stock cooler
storm enforcer case
500gb barracuda
970extreme4 asrock
530w rosewill green
8gb vengange ram

and i have not overclocked yet
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  1. It is a dependable product that, if used correctly, will not hurt your machine. But if you hate to see your CPU crank away at 100% for hours on end just to see if it is stable after an O/C tweak... try Intel Burn Test. It will determine in a short time if you have a bad O/C.
  2. I read that the 6300 overclocks easily. You should be able to reach 4.5-4.7GHz. However, you need to buy a Cooler Master 212+ or Evo. Stock cooler is never good for overclocking.

    All your components are good. Prime95 is best way to test system if you overclock the CPU. You should because it will improve performance.
  3. cheech :) congrats on a very balanced rig. Like the fact that nothing's overdone. Especially the psu.

    To your question: Prime 95 won't burn your system up. Your mobo (Thermal throttling option, default enabled in BIOS I believe) and cpu both have overheat protection and you should not worry about Prime damaging your system in anyway.

    Like Clutch and Envy said, Prime makes more sense to those who want to test the stability of an Overclock but you can just as well run it for fun and see if your HSF installation is proper. but remember, gaming load temps will likely be lower than Prime.
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