New monitor wont go 1080p

I have just got my new samsung s24b300hl hdmi monitor and it doesn't seem to go 1080p, I have deleted my old monitor drives thinking the drives where clashing but it doesn't seem to be that, I have updated all my graphics drivers and also done my new monitor drivers but it still leaves a inch off all around the monitor when turned into 1080p, I have a hd radeon 6770 xxx edition graphics card and it does support 1080p so please if someone could help me out it would be much appriciated :)!
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  1. It's not a problem with the screen resolution - it's an issue with the Catalyst Control Center settings.

    You need to open up CCC and disable the "underscan" option - I think it's under the display properties tab in CCC or something like that. There's a slider you can slide to get rid of the underscan and get rid of the black bars issue.
  2. Thank you for that :) all working fine now
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