I have a eah6870 and i keep getting curruped drivers

i have a asus eah6870 im using 8_861_Asus_Vista_Win7_WHQL i install drivers and all works perfect i get 2868 on furmark test in 720p average 47fps mode but if i reset the computer or shut it down the graphics card sucks i get 19fps in furmark test

its every time i reset or shud down pc i turn it back on and the gpu is playing up till i reinstall drivers

its the same with games i tryed wow , a fresh install of drivers and wow plays fluid and perfect on ultra even with other programs running , i reset my pc try wow in lowest settings with no bkground processes , and even at low every turn i make it drops to 1fps and stutters and micro freeves a few seconds if i turn to hard or fast ,

16gb kingston 1.5v
eah 6870
500w ocz corextreme
2tb sata 3 hdd

dunno whats wrong but is irritating , computer is new a week old all new parts

im using win 7 home 64-bit its activated but havent yet dl any sp packs

any1 had this problem or have any idea what going wrong?
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  1. daswilhelm said:
    are you using the drivers that came on the cd with the card? i would recommend going to amd.com to download the latest version.

    i am using the latest drivers available but first i used the drivers that came with the card then upsated , altho i didnt delete old drivers first
  2. are you using the drivers that came on the cd with the card? i would recommend going to amd.com to download the latest version.
  3. hmm ok, have you used ccleaner or driversweeper to completely remove the old driver?
  4. i will try but same thing happen with drivers from disk , thats why i dont think its drivers curruption themselfs , i was thinking that my system could be using itegated graphics until i swap the drivers? idk , i reinstalled windows 3 times still the same
  5. You need to let Windows 7 do all of it's updates because you are probably running the release version at the moment. Get it updated by going to the start menu and selecting Windows Update. Windows will tell you what updates you need. If it tells you that Windows is up to date then select the "Check for updates" to make sure. Install any new updates that you need. After it downloads and installs the updates then do the same thing over again until "Check for updates" no longer reports that updates are available. Note: one of the updates that windows downloads is the AMD Catalyst Display driver version 11.9 so don't install the display driver from AMD until after windows is fully updated. After you get windows updated then you can get the latest display driver from www.amd.com and install that as well. That should fix your problem.
  6. thanks ill give that a go and report back later , thanks for help much apreciated ,
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