Which is the best CPU for multitasking (not gaming)?


I have seen lots of recommendations for which CPU is best for gaming, but not found any on which CPU is best for multitasking.

Which CPU is best for multitasking that includes having many windows open, video streaming, many Microsoft Office programmes running; basically the system would be doing many things, but not gaming.

I have read benchmarks and reviews and have decided to choose between AMD FX-8320 and Intel i5-3470. I am not bothered about the difference in cost, just which is best for multitasking. I am also aware of the power consumption of the AMD FX and have taken this into consideration. In my mind I think that because the AMD FX multi threads etc that it would be best for how I will use the PC, but I may be wrong.

Please help.

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  1. I would be aiming for multiple cores. Multiple core=multiple operations
  2. The more cores, the better.
  3. Hi

    I have decided to go with the AMD FX.

    Thanks for your replies, Delia
  4. I would like to share the following link which is helpful for making selection through many advanced systems which are economical and fast for working:

  5. The FX 8 core processors are great for your requirements. Also look into the 16 core Opterons. They are the server level AMD Piledriver series.
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