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hi guys. I have being saving a while and plans to do a new build this month or next month. I have a rather high budget from 3k to 5k. I am using two 480s in sli from a build back in 2010. But now i have a dell u302011 and alot of the games i cant rlly run well anymore. examples will be like bf3, where it will lag in 2560x1440 ultra. So i am thinking of getting maybe a evga 680. But the problem is i have heard rumors about the gk110 coming out at fall. I got all the build planned out but i am now stuck with whether to wait for gk110 or buy the 680.
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  1. no additional NVidia cards are coming out this year.

    you might do better with 670s in SLI instead
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    The full line-up of Nvidia 600 cards have been released, nothing else from Nvidia (except maybe Kepler Quadro cards if they havent already) coming out till mid/late next year.

    From the quick research of the GK1101 GPU I just did, it looks like it is much more oriented to business and professional use in server/super-computer workloads than gaming (at least for the time being).

    Agree with Screwy, 670's are a better option than the 680. 95% of the performance at 80% of the cost. After overclocking it can even overtake stock 680 performance.

    And the obligatory, the HD7970 Ghz is better.
    If you were willing to wait for GK1101, it may also be worth waiting for the HD8970 (which will release new-year ish).
  3. Thks for the reply guys. Since i getting two more u30s coming in. I think i may want to get a 680 4gb variant. or maybe 2 :) . Every time when i build i always have to ask this in self assurance. Thk u guys. case solved.
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