[MONITOR HELP] Does anybody know anything about Planars 27" monitor?

I am building a gaming pc and I was wondering anybody knew if Planars 27" monitor would be good for gaming:

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  1. Never heard of them might be good though here is some recommendations hope it helps good luck! Budget Gaming Monitors

    Great Gaming Monitors In No Certain Order
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    Planars are used widely for larger companies. We use them at work because they guarantee that a model will be available for 3 or 5 years. I forget which it is. This is an advantage for companies that use alot of display and want a buy a uniform model. As a consumer I probably would not buy one unless it was a new model with the latest tech. They tend to be very vanilla. I'd recommend something like a Dell Professional display or the lowend Ultrasharp way before a Planar. Also a 1080P 27" is going to have pretty large pixels. It could possibly seem a little grainy sitting close.
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