Mouse only works in 1 USB port

I recently tried taking my mouse of the USB port it's in and moving it to a different one - however, when I did that, it wouldn't work in that or any other USB port. It seems to have found a home and refuses to go anywhere else. Any idea how to fix this?
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  1. Did you try powering down your machine between switching ports? It may just need a chance to boot up and recognize it in a different port.
  2. The only solution I've come across so far is to remove all the USB drivers, put the mouse where you want it, and let them reconfigure themselves after a reboot.
    Admittedly this isn't the best solution because you'll probably take out your mouse and KB doing so, but it's all I've found so far.
    I'm still working on it - I'm in that situation right now and am trying to find a better fix....
  3. There is no reason to stick with Ivy.
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