New GTX 660 No Signal/Issues

Hey, so I'm thinking there is something wrong with the card but I just wanted to get a second opinion. I just built a rig for my girlfriend using this card and while building it I periodically turned the power on to make sure everything was working as I assembled it, and the video card fan powered up and the fan ran at a normal speed (probably 40%). Anyways, upon completion when turning the power on the GPU fan immediately goes to 100% and is as loud as a jet turbine and can be heard throughout the entire house. It gets no signal regardless of what PCI-E slot I put it in. I am able to get video signal using the motherboard's onboard video, and using an old 8500 GT I had lying around. That being said, the PCI-E port I was using initially does not work regardless of which video card I use. Anyways, would this be a good sign that there is something wrong with the card itself? Any suggestions would be welcome. Thanks

I am using:
16 GB (4x4) Corsair Vengeance

I have Windows 7 installed and working fine already and while using the motherboard's built in DVI port but with the card still plugged into the mobo/psu, running a dxdiag results with no detection of the GTX 660.

If all else fails, I might try testing it on my computer to see if it gets signal there.
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  1. Wait, I don't understand. You said you used an old 8500 GT and it worked, but the PCI-E port you were initially using doesn't work regardless of which video card? So does that mean you are using two separate PCI-E ports?

    Have you tried using the port that worked with the 8500 GT? Also, you should definitely test it on another computer if that is an option before you consider returning the card.
  2. Sorry for the confusion, I meant that one PCI-E slot didn't read any video cards I tried, while one read the 8500 GT but not the GTX 660 ti. I tested it in my PC and it worked fine, while my GTX 570 tested in the new computer didn't work either. It turned out that one of the 6 pin power connectors disconnected from the PSU, so problem resolved now /derp ;)
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