Is This System Good? (Gaming PC)

I went to PC Richard & Son today and I printed him out the same specs that I am posting here, the person said that NOTHING I listed was compatible with the motherboard, however I have built TWO PCs before and I am using the same method that I used last time to check if everything is compatible.

(I am on a budget)

Intel Pentium G850 Sandy Bridge 2.9GHz

MSI B75MA-E33 LGA 1155

G.SKILL Ripjaws X 8GB ddr3

EVGA GTX 550ti

Corsair CX500 500w PSU


ASUS 24X DVD Burner Bulk

Western Digital WD Blue 500GB 7200RPM
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  1. Whoever you talked to was an idiot and was probably trying to swindle you into buying more. Everything there is perfectly compatible. If it's possible to stretch your budget a little more consider getting the Radeon 7770 over the 550ti, as it's a much better overall performer.
  2. I was thinking about this but the total is already around $800 from a couple of accessories lol, however since I am spending $114 now I might as well spend $10 more for a bit more performance I am guessing. Will the G850 bottleneck the AMD 7770?
  3. If you like you can list us a budget, requirements and brand preferences and we'll probably be able to pick better parts.
  4. Well I am good with all these parts, if you find a motheboard around $60 that has USB 3.0, PCI 3.0, and a SATA 6b/s then link me it. (However I have looked and I think this MSI board I picked is perfect). I would just want to know the G850 would bottleneck the 7770.
  5. It is good enough for light gaming. I would encourage you to swap the GPU. Getting a GTX 650, or HD 7770 would be much better option at the same cost.

    Also, I dont know why the guy told you that those parts are not compatible, maybe he is just a newb on tech, as on guy on CompUsa told me that a HD 550ti is faster than the GTX470 because it was "new" and new means fast. LOL

    Normally, new generation tends to be better, but new low end new generation wont GPU be faster than last generation high end one.

    In this case, GTX 650 would be as fast as a gtx550ti but consumes less power and runs cooler for being new tech. The HD 7770 runs not only with more efficiency but also has more power in games, thats why it would be a better option for the same price, or just $5 or $10 more.
  6. A Pentium G850 is not going to bottleneck a 7770. It's not an ideal combination, but the Pentiums aren't slouches for their price.
  7. What do you mean by not an ideal combination? (I will be playing at 1600x900 res. btw).
  8. I am getting the HIS AMD 7770, will my Power supply run it? On Newegg, the HIS AMD 7770 says it requires 450W PSU, but on AMD's website it says 500w.
  9. I just mean I'd prefer to have an i3 over the Pentium - you get HyperThreading and Ivy Bridge (along with its perks as well), which would likely be able to last longer and put up higher framerates in CPU-limited games. But you're on a budget, and the G850 is still a great choice.
  10. Easily, the 7770 draws less power than the 550ti. While the CX-V2 series is also not my ideal choice of power supply, it's a fantastic value. Currently it's the same price as the XFX PRO550W Core, which has slightly better build quality and power output.
  11. Oh okay, so should I go with the Corsair or the XFX? I am already bringing up the price with the graphics card, the Corsair power supply is still good though? Getting the XFX will bring it up $10 more (kind of significant for me).
  12. Ah, I didn't see the Corsair had a 10% off promo going. Since that's the case, I'd take the Corsair.
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