Computer randomly blue screens!might be psu

my components are an i7 2600k 4Ghz,asus p8z68-v lx,xfx 7950 DD 950Mhz,corsair force 3 ssd,WD blue 500gb,visiontek 700w psu,i don't know what case.i was playing bf3 as i usually do and my computer blue screens it shuts down and i try and turn it on again to no avail.i unplug the psu and turn off the psu switch and wait for a few minutes,it still doesn't turn lights on the case or motherboard come on nor any fans.i think it might be the psu and i'm kinda certain but what i'm worried about is if it took anything else with it.
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  1. The VisionTek 700W is a horrible power supply.

    I'm not surprised that it died. You have to hope that it didn't kill any of your other system components.

    When you look at the OEM (i.e. Leadman/ Zhao Li), lack of internal component quality and design of that power supply unit, it doesn't even seem like a passable 500 Watt power supply. It also suffers from poor voltage regulation.
  2. ok everything is fixed 24 pin was loose because of the horrible uality of the psu i need a new one badly
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