Buying a used GTX570?

I am looking into buying a Catleap Q270 SE 27" monitor... but I am afraid that my single GTX570 won't be able to handle the 2560x1440 resolution! But I don't wanna spend $310 on another GTX570 (none in b stock either) while used ones are $170! Plus, that brings my total cost to over $700 if I buy a used one. Compared to $500 for monitor/GPU (little over $500 anyway). But I have NEVER bought used PC parts (from a friend once, but I trust him!). What do you guys think of getting a used GTX570 off ebay? Or off a forum? Looking to run SLi (obviously... haha)
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  1. Well that depends on the price you're getting the card for :)
  2. A GTX 570 shouldn't have too much trouble running that resolution until you hit the recent card melters on Ultra. You can always drop the resolution in those games and turn off AA...
  3. $170 used on ebay.

    I run 1920x1200 flawlessly on Ultra!
  4. which vram 570 do you have. i personally would not like 570 sli if you're main game in question is either bf3 or modded skyrim at that resolution if you have the 1.2gb vram one.
  5. If I do the dxdiag I got 4096mb or whatever it is. If I use GPU-Z I have 1280mb. I totally forgot which one I bought! It's been about 15 months since I made the purchase!
  6. 4096 might be system memory or shared memory. the 1280 is the correct one. if you are buying the 2nd 570, be warned that the vram will be the limiting factor if you play 1920x1080 in vram heavy games which include like i said, BF3 and Skyrim and other games in teh future that will be similar to it. You will have the compute power of a strong gpu by having 2 570s, but lack the storage for some games.
  7. So what do you suggest? Selling the 570 and buying a different one entirely?
  8. in my opinion, if you can yes.
  9. What card would you suggest to do such a thing? GTX 680?
  10. Agreed. Sell it, and cut your losses. (Once again SLI isn't worth it with one monitor) If you sell it for $150, buy the 670 for $400, then you really only spent $250. Buying the used card would be $170, but you gotta deal with the extra heat and power.

    So, I see it as: Spend $170 or $250.
  11. ChrisUlrich said:
    What card would you suggest to do such a thing? GTX 680?

    if you want my opinion on nvidia side, 670. for amd side, 7950 or better(assuming you have overclocking skills). the 680 is a horrible value to performance card is is basically can be attained by the 670/7970/7970ghz which all 3 cards are cheaper than it.
  12. You won't need a 680. Even a 4GB 670 would do. It's amazing.
  13. I bought a GTX 680 SC Signature for $405! :D
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