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How much of a performance boost ?

Just a quick question , how much of a performance boost will I get if I upgrade from a Pentium E2180 @ghz to a AMD A10-5800k ? Using integrated gpu and overall performance gain?
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    the pentium is a dual core u, the a10 is amds highest apu quad core with igpu similar to a 9800gt. I would say u would see a noticeable gain in games, in cpu performance and gpu performance. Also kind of matters if gaming what games ur doing or what applications ur using for how much of a gain ull get.

    If ur going with the apu route with the integrated gpu use higher speed ram 1866 or 2133 is the sweet spot from what i saw with benchmarks, anything above 1600 lol
  2. Hm... looks good . but is it worth waiting for richland ?
    Ill be gaming at 1280 x 1024 and running games like FC3, BF3,DMC ,and a few others.I dont care about maxing out..hopefully it runs crysis 3 any resolution but I wanna play it ! :D
  3. From what i see the laptop apus for richland get about a 20-40% increase from trinity, but desktops are not expected to get that much of an increase, but it will obviously be better, its just a matter of how much to wait until June-Aug as no set date is out yet. Richland will be on the FM2 platform so could get a A8 or A6 which will most likely still beat ur 8400gs and pentium E2180, or wait im guessing ur current setup could hold u over a few months?
  4. - seems a10 + 8gb 1866 = medium not sure on resolution. But ur resolution im guessing medium will be fine. Just not sure on crysis 3, the beta made my crossfire 6770 and x6 on the medium preset lol but havent tested the released game so not to sure there

    Richland may b able to play low crysis 3 1080p but still kind of hard to tell for me as i havent looked much into the richland apus
  5. Yeah , I have no problems with waiting ,as I only play Condition Zero now :D . Nothing else works !
    And could I get a A55 mobo for the a10 ? I wont crossfire anything , just dual graphics maybe later , so is that okay ?
    For crysis 3 , would overclocking help?
  6. overclocking would help, but i wouldnt recommend doing that with an A55 board

    List of amd motherboards with their power phase if recommended for OC has some not all fm2 boards, but most likely richland will have a bios update for most current fn2 motherboards

    Google a10 5800k crysis 3, should find multiple videos to give u an idea
  7. yep , still performs good there , looks like I 'll just wait for richland ! thanks !
  8. No prob, if u look to overclock look for id say at least a 6+2,8+2 power phase with heatsinks on vrms, or if 4+2 make sure for the heatsinks lol If no Overclock at the moment a A55 board will do just fine and some will do okay for overclocking as well
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