Connect Old Linksys Router as a wired (and maybe wireless) access Point

1. Just got a new DLINK Xtreme N DIR-825 Router. Directly connected this to the internet.
2. Currently, the Linksys WRT54G (1st Generation) is connected to the DLINK by an Ethernet cable to one of the 4 ports on the back.
3. The Linksys further splits the signal to another 2 computers and a NAS by hardwire.
4. The internet is still getting through to all the computers, but the computers are not able to access the NAS or each other.
5. I can't seem to open the WRT54G's access ( because (I thin) the new DLINK uses a local set of IPs that are

Weirdly, I can login to the NAS using its IP, and I can see it on the 'Network Places' of the computers ,but when I try to connect, it says the drive is moved, etc. etc.

I use a variety of computers / O.S's on this system: XP (2) hardwired, Win 7 (2) hard wired, Win 7 (1) wireless, Mac OS X Snow Leopard (1) Wireless, plus various other wireless devices (phones,Wii, etc.).

NAS is a Synology DS411+

HOpe someone can help me:
1) Get logged into my Linksys
2) Get the NAS accepted by other computers on the network.

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  1. go Start then Run in XP - (Windows key plus R in Vista and Windows 7), then type in the following, including all the spaces:- cmd /k ipconfig /all -- then press Enter and from the black form that shows up, take a note of the numeric code beside the word "gateway" -- usually something like Type exit to close the black form.

    connect only a computer to the router you are trying to convert to a AP and log in

    set up the wireless security

    disable DHCP and change the LAN IP to match your Gateway's IP but ending in .253

    now connect one of the four LAN port to the main router via network cable.
  2. Thanks, emerald.

    I suspected i had to connect a computer directly to the Linksys I want to use as an AP.

    When you say to disable DHCP and change the LAN IP to match, you mean on the AP router, correct? Just want to make sure I don't mess up... ;)
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