Going to Water Cooling, but only 1 exhaust

Case: Antec SLK3800B
CPU AMD Phenom 2 1045T
Corsair H60 water cooler

I'm going to be upgrading my box (I don't overclock). I like to run a cool system, in fact I have an AMD 610e in there right now because it's so low wattage. I can run everything on high right now, but i know that's going to change, so yesterday I picked up the 1045 as an upgrade so I can keep my current motherboard (AM3, no plus) for a few more years Money's a bit tight, so the small incrementals (did GPU last year) will keep me trucking until the next hot rod.

I'm looking at the Corsair H60 water cooler for cooling, especially since it won't require me disassembling my entire computer, which is a pain in the ass. My problem is that the 3800B only has a 120mm intake in the front bottom (that blows over the hard drives, important), an 80mm fan that blows onto the CPU from the side, and a 120mm rear exhaust.

The instructions say that the fan should be on suck and not blow, so my questions are this

1- Would reversing the 80mm fan provide sufficient exhaust and not disrupt the flow? (guessing not)
2- With a push-pull fan configuration on the radiator, should it be on suck or blow? I know the direction of the air has huge impact on temps, and I want to run cool

Any other advice appreciated, thanks!
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  1. Having the h60 exhausting will only raise temps 1-2c if your case has good air flow

    Push-pull would have 1 fan blowing and the other pulling

    This if from a certified owner :)
  2. Thanks, I know what Push pull is, but the question was more "should it be sucking FROM the outside or blowing TO the outside?". In other words, does the booster fan compensate for the warmer air with higher speeds?
  3. Yes the boost er fan compensate for the warmer air though I personally haven't tired it out. the push pull should drop temps about 3-5c AFAIK
  4. A Hyper 212 Evo performs better than the H60 for a much lesser price. In my opnion liquid cooling aint worth it unless you're going for dual fan radiator cooling. Get the Evo, you'll be more than happy.

  5. ^ yep unless your case is cramped or you want the air flow in a certain way


    This one has a thicker RAD

    These are decent water coolers for cheap, should be about on par with H60
  6. 212 EVO.

    Pretty much when it comes to watercooling, go custom or get high end air.
  7. Thanks guys, but I'm getting this one for $40. Since I do not, nor will I ever overclock, a "real" water cooling setup isn't necessary for me. I prefer my PC to run cool, and since I'm doing video and music I'm wearing headphones most of the time, so decibels for fans aren't an issue

    Thanks for all the advice, I'm mostly concerned about my cooling, but it sounds like a push pull on blow in the rear is the way to go. Thinking about this did get me looking at cases again though and I think I'm in love with the CoolerMaster Haf XM, which will definately solve my problem and then some, and hopefully it'll be cheaper by the time I'm ready to upgrade
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