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I am upgrading my monitor setup to two catleap 27" monitors (2560x1440 each). I understand I need a GPU with two DVI dual-link ports for these monitors. I also have a 1080p TV hooked up that I need to run (3 total outputs).

I currently have a ATI 4650 and 6850 running 3 outputs. I know these are old, but they currently suit my needs. However, I don't think they have dual-link DVI. Low price and low noise are my top priorities. I am not tied to ATI.

I do no gaming, only photoshop and office work. Will I need two separate video cards? My ATI 6850 runs the 1080p TV just fine for my needs currently.

Based on my reading I'm thinking an nVidia 550ti or 560ti may suit my needs. I've read that many of the ATI cards do not have two dual-link DVI outputs.

Will something like this run two of the catleap monitors? Do I need to get 2gb if I'm doing no gaming?

Thanks for your help.
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  1. what did you end up getting to run the 2 Catleaps?
  2. I tried using the 4650, but it stuttered a bit with 1080p video (noticeable when the 6450 was doing stuff as well) and also the animations on Windows 8 weren't super smooth. I mistyped in the initial post; I had a 6450 and 4650; not a 6850. I replaced the 4650 with a 6670 which is doing nicely. So, I have the following setup:

    ATI 6670 - one 27" catleap and one 42" LCD television
    ATI 6450 - one 27" catleap
    integrade intel HD4000 - one 22" monitor in portrait

    This works well for my needs considering I do no gaming at all.
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