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I recently got a new 560ti to run with my second one in sli. I have been having an issue where the screen flickers and I can not figure out what the problem with it is. I have checked to make each of the cards works and that there is no damage to one of the motherboards. I can not figure out what else to try. The problem seems to be fixed when I run it windowed mode. But I would prefer to play games in full screen.
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  1. I have tried the newest beta, the normal ones, and an older version
  2. This is what my screen looks like in games by the way.
  3. download gpu-z read the info of both cards they should be the same model and speed and device id for sli to turn on. also check that both cards are read at right pci bus speed. check your mb info if two cards are plugged in are they running at 8x 8x or one slot 16x and the other 4x.?? also check your game and nvidia v-sink is on. with sli each card is going to be rendering the other frame and then has to be sticked back together.
  4. It happens in all. Some games it is better. Like I can play payday the heist in like 900p without issue. But other games it is much worse. Also of course I have the same GPU's I am not an idiot. I am checking right now if they are both in x8. They should be though
  5. Either you have a bad SLI bridge or the bridge connection is bad (not seated or dusty). It's NOT a driver issue or anything else. I've had this happen on both CF and SLI setups.
  6. I have reseated multiple times while running tests. I have also tried 3 different sli bridges.
  7. How do I check if the two are running x8?
  9. with gpu-z it read one card and it say pci bus @2x by 8 speed or @3x by 16x speed if your using an ib cpu and one card.
    if it reading @1x or @2x by 4x or less then there an issue. also make sure the memory and gpu speed for both cards are the same.
  10. Both of them are at x8. Any other suggestions. I am completely stumped. Does anyone have anymore suggestions.
  11. I have tried many different drivers. I an currently using 304.79. I have 295.73 and 301.42
    Are there any drivers that aren't prone to driver problems. At this point I kind of think that nVidia is a horrible company. If I can't get this to work I am switching to amd as soon as I can. Any other suggestions? I am completely out of ideas. If you have no idea feel free to post that you don't know.
  12. 700w psu
    2x 560ti's. 340w
    cpu 125w
    hard drive 30w (on full load)
    dvd drive 5 watt.
    The rest of the system will not use 200 watts and those are all when they are under full load.
    I also use a calculator that recommended I get a 650w recomended
  13. I have a 700w OCZ. It has very high reviews on newegg, and yes if course I have tried that. I haven't attempted reinstalling windows.
  14. How is it a bad power supply.
  15. But my problem is not a stability issue. I have never had a game or system crash with this power supply. The only thing that is wrong is the fact that it flickers.
  16. Well, I guess I might as well check. How do I check it is bad
  17. Yeah. It ran for a full 15 minutes
  18. Yes it had the flicker problem, I can't figure out how to fix that
  19. Yes both cards are under full load when I run a benchmark. I am considering selling one now and just selling the other one when I can get a gpu like the 7970 or 7950. I honestly don't like nVidia, I am never getting another card from them.
  20. Hello?
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