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Hey guys (and gals). I just bought a system from a guy, very nice feller, very helpful. And it has two video cards, but they're not utilizing SLI, just two separate GPU's in the two PCI-E slots. The system was running Ubuntu at first, but I've since deleted that partition and installed Win7 Ultimate. I hadn't installed my graphics drivers yet (just my wireless drivers) as I'm currently not at home. I have downloaded them, however. The two cards are one GT210 and the other is 8400 GS. My question is... because they are both nVidia-type cards, will one graphics driver work or will I have to download a driver for each card? Currently I believe the primary monitor is hooked into the GT210 and the 8400 has the secondary monitor. When I go into display settings, it shows the 8400 as recognized but it doesn't show the GT210 (Im assuming because the drivers arent installed). I think I explained that the best I could. Oh and the secondary monitor isn't currently showing anything, it's giving me the "No Input" bit.

And perhaps you guys could tell me if I got a good deal since I am VERY out of the loop when it comes to processors, etc.
It's a Phenom II x4 2.8Ghz quad-core on a gigbyte GA57SLI (I believe thats the model mobo) with 8 gb of OCZ RAM (4x2gb modules) the two aforementioned video cards in a very quiet Antec case (can't remember the name/model of the case, but it's piano black), nice sleek looking). This system replaced my P4 on an old mobo with 2gb DDR1 ram and a ATI Radeon x1650 Pro. So it's definitely an upgrade... The new(to me) system came with two Acer monitors, USB keyboard/mouse. For $300.
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  1. Well, to put cards into SLI, they have to be the same card. So, you can't put an 8400 GS and a GT 210 into SLI because they're totally different cards.

    I don't know how you could get it to use one card per monitor for output... By default the computer only sends video output through the primary graphics adapter (which is why you're seeing the second one not recognized).

    The CPU and RAM are fine but those are very weak video cards... for $300 though it's not bad :)
  2. Oh I wasn't wanting to get them into SLI (I think there is some kind of hardware bridge or something required for this?) I just want to be able to use them both at the same time. I wanted the primary card for gaming (don't plan on heavy gaming, dont worry lol) as well as HDMI for TV and the secondary wanted to use it for like browsing, photoshop, etc.
  3. Oh OK. Well I have no experience so can't comment definitively on it, but everything I know tells me that there's no easy way to get output from two different video cards (I'm not aware of how you could do it, anyways).

    Sorry I can't be more help...
  4. Hey man! Thanks for helping anyway! I got home, installed the drivers and just like that, both monitors come on :) Now I posted an issue in the audio section :)
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