Not Working!! >:/

I read everything and put my pc together. there is one plug that isnt plugged in but i dnt see anywhere to put it. i was looking at videos on you but i just got my psu and i find it hard to believe that they sent me a jackd up psu. Can some one help me.

There are no lights coming on or anything. plz dnt let it be my psu.
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  1. see that switch on the back of your psu?
  2. yes? i have it on I. i have M/B Asrock pro4 ans psu ocz 600.
  3. the motherboard has 2 electrical plug ins. do you have them both plugged in?
  4. yea the atx plugs.
  5. doesnt sound good, im leaning towards a bunk psu
  6. so i need to contact microcenter and get my money back??

    plz excuse the mess. first time and i just wanted to make sure everything was working.
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