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I finally got my computer back after three weeks from Phillips priority one. It came back with xp still installed even though they said it wouldnt work on my machine.It is working but there are strange new things on the system and the battery went missing.When I boot up I get message not bootable cd rom /check boot cd rom. My hard drive is now partitioned c and e which I do not want How do I get rid of partitions?Mcafee and other programs that have never been on my machine are in the registry.When I go to check system files under system info they are moved or missing. Net work drives shows a mapping to driveZ???When I go to changes it shows all wiped 12/21/2001 while i was still in Europe and did not touch it. Also my drive is still fragmented after optimizing.0.9% Also which is better fat32 or ntsf I am presently using fat 32How should I handle this ?Any help would be greatly appreciated Thanks
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  1. i cant help with most of these problems but Powerquest Partition Magic pro is a very good program which lets you play around with your partitions using a windows interface.

    Also, check out this Anandtech guide: <A HREF="http://www.anandtech.com/guides/viewfaq.html?i=63" target="_new">NTFS vs Fat32</A>

    -- There are no answers to find in the bottom of a glass. But you can have fun looking for them.
  2. Thanks that was agreat article on ntsf versus fat 32. I will check out partition magic
    Dr Price
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