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Hello,not sure where to properly place this, but, I am having trouble networking an HP LaserJet 4100 series printer from a Windows XP computer to my Windows 7 laptop. I have searched here and Google and the forums on here helped with the initial issue of the password being asked. That has been taken care of. I am able to search for and find the printer properly on the network, however when I select the printer it says that there is no valid driver found. The printer connects to the XP computer VIA parallel port. I ordered a USB to Parallel converter and I successfully connected the printer DIRECTLY to my laptop and it installed itself without the need for a special driver. So it prints successfully from either computer when connected directly but when I have it connected to the desktop and I try to network it, I still get the error that there is no valid driver. Any help would be appreciated. I hope this wasn't too long of a post.
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  1. You need to download a valid Windows 7 Driver from the HP website so it can print to both. You also need to share the printer if you plan on printing across the network.
  2. There is no HP driver on their website. The only thing I could download was a driver tool that basically updates the driver you have. It connects to their server to download the driver. I can get the printer to print, but I have no driver FILE to click on when networking it asks for a driver.
  3. bump... still stuck on this issue
  4. Use MS win7 update to load the driver from the MS website. :)
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