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Leadtek GTX 560 vs GTX 560 Ti vs SAPPHIRE HD 7850

I'm having dilemma between these cards.

Leadtek WinFast GTX 560
Leadtek WinFast GTX 560 Ti (Hurricane)

*Will higher GPU Memory has a better performance for Photo Editing Software / HD Video Playback ?*

I'm not using this card for gaming purposes.
It is mainly for Blu-ray and all sorts of 1080p video playback. (HDMI output to 46inch LED TV)

Beside that, I'm a professional photographer and I'll also use this card for photo editing software and sometimes video editing as well. (Photoshop / Lightroom / Premier / After Effects)
Of course, I don't think I need those Workstation GPU yet, such as Quadro, since I'm in 2D field and they are definitely too expensive.

Here's the specification link for the cards :

Leadtek WinFast GTX 560
2GB / 256 Bit / 810/4008 MHz
( )

Leadtek WinFast GTX 560 Ti (Hurricane)
1GB / 256 Bit / 822/4000 MHz
( )

2GB / 256Bit / 920/5000MHz
( )

I'm not so familiar with GPU, may I know how to determine which GPU is generally better for Photo
Editing softwares and HD Video(encoding) playback?
Higher ClockSpeed? Higher Ram ? Higher Bit ?

Btw, I couldn't get much information from google about this GPU brand "Leadtek".
But I've heard about this brand do Quadro line, so I assumed that it is trustworthy.
Any comment about this brand ?
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    Get the GTX560 for your use they other cards only have a gaming benefit over that. GTX550Ti would be plenty for you.
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