Can my video card support 3 monitors?

I'm wondering if my ATI Radeon HD 3200 Graphica card could support 3 monitors. i have a 32 in hdtv running at 1920 x 1080p through hdmi. i also have a monitor add running 1152 x 864 through vga. i have another vga monitor that can support 1152 x 864 that i want to use. since i dont have an extra vga slot, i would buy a vga to usb adapter. but i want to know if my video card could support all 3 monitors.
thanks, mike
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    The only HD 3200 graphics that I know of is integrated graphics on a motherboard, not a discrete graphics card. Either way, it probably only supports up to two displays. If you use a USB to VGA adapter, then the display using that adapter is not on your 3200 graphics, it is attached to the USB graphics adapter and I think that it does not count against the HD 3200's maximum display support.
  2. You're graphics card probably will be able to do it because a USB to VGA doesn't use your graphics card it uses you're CPU/Ram I believe.

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