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2 year old pc i built. everything worked fine til i upgraded from an amd phenom x4 to a x6 1100t. a week later it went to sleep and wouldnt wake up. i had to reset it, then unplug it, clear cmos, etc. after fiddling with it for about 30 mins it came back on. next day same thing(i still had sleep on) but this time i just couldnt get it to come back on. just 1 long 2 short beeps. left it unplugged for a week. thinking the long sleeps were doing something to the psu. well i finally got it to come back on today, updated all the drivers and the os, had it briefly pull the same issue once during a reset but it recovered. then after letting it sit off for a few hours, we are back to the 1 long 2 short issue. i have an antec trupower 1000 watt psu, a geforce 240 gpu, and a swifttech cooling system. because of the cooling system, i cant just swap out parts willy nilly(the gpu has a special water block that just fits that card). i've checked a lot of the info on the web but this issue is weird because it works sometimes. i did have to update the bios when installing the new cpu, and it was a beta version(but it was a beta from like 2 years ago and the last bios they made for the board). i have checked the seat on the ram and the gpu. like i said it does work sometimes. at first we decided if we could just get it to come on once we'd disable sleep and leave it on all the time but im not sure leaving it on with no sleep forever is the right thing since that means no updates, and a lot of power use and heat. but thats IF i can get it to come back on. any clue as to how to fix this? i suppose i could replace the psu in a month when i could affrod it but i spent $200 on it and thats gonna P me off if its broke. i cant really replace anything else because of the cooling without ripping it out and losing the $300 i paid for it. plz any advice would be great.
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  1. I can't tell what your motherboard is, but on some systems, that error code points to video system.

    Try reseating everything, especially the video card.
  2. to be clear its a gigabyte mobo with award bios. i know the beeps mean no video. i just think its wierd it works SOMETIMES. cant really do much troubleshooting when all you can do it turn it on, heard the beeps, and thats it. with no screen, i cant get to bios, or anything. as for the components, ive checked the seating several times. i dont think thats the issue because it does work sometimes.
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