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Hey i just bought a brand new psu and ang a brand new gpu from a local store and it appears that i have a problem, I've bought thses a 500W Thermaltake power supply and a Nivida Geforce GTX 550 ti. The exact reason why i bought theses 2 is to play Guild Wars 2. I've installed both by my self and it works very well, although i get a problem while playing the game i bought the graphic card for.

When playing guild wars 2, my game keep lowering and going up again, it goes black screen for 3 secs or freezes for 3 secs and then back to the game, i just downloaded the lastest online drivers, i think i am running direct X 10 right now and i am just not able to fix this problem, games freezes then goes back on, it happens after 5 mins of playing and then happens 2x per 5 mins...

What should i do to fix this problem?
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  1. EDIT: I've been playing diablo 3 for now an hour and it does not have any kind of lags.
  2. Update your drivers!
  3. amuffin said:
    Update your drivers!

    I just downloaded the lastest online drivers for the nividia 500 series (301.42) ! On their official website !

    Any idea what else could it be ?
  4. amuffin said:

    Downloaded theses and just rebooted ! I knew there must be a beta out ! Gonna try it out.
  5. Okay even with thses drivers, the game would freeze for 3 secs and then go back working... twice every 5 mins.

    Is it possible that this problem is caused by the game itself?
  6. the game might be badly reacting with the gpu. I would go to the technical support on the GW2 forums and look if someone else has a similar problem that you are going through.
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