HD 7750 with 250W PSU?

Hi everyone!!
My PC:

Athlon II x2 270 3.4 GHZ
4GB RAM 1333
1 Optical Drive
HD 6450 (My Current GPU)

I'm planning on changing a video card, but i'm curious about my power supply
will it be able to handle 7750? I heard that 7750 TDP is only 55W. and also, will my athlon bottleneck?
if you guys have any better suggestion about the video card, please tell me.
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  1. I think you're probably OK doing that... you are correct that the 7750 is going to be drawing somewhere around 50W max.

    It should pair decently with that Athlon... might bottleneck a bit in some CPU dependent games but overall I think you'll be fine; the 7750 doesn't exactly need a 2500k to go with it.
  2. thanks,
    i'm going to get 7750 soon, but which manufacturer is better?
    i'm aiming for gigabyte because its default core clock is higher than any other brand.
    any suggestions?
  3. It depends on the PSU model, wattage isn't everything you know.
  4. you would be risking putting in an hd7750 in your pc.. 250W is too low for that card.. even if it was 300W you would just barely get away with it.. hd5570 is the most i would go with that psu..
  5. I've got a Dell Inspiron 580s low profile PC. I've already got a HD 6670 GDDR5 running in it so will i be able to run the HD 7750? I found a few low profile ones that work without a PCIe coonnector.
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