Good aftermarket cooler for 6850?

I'm looking to replace my stock cooler (MSI Cyclone) with an aftermarket cooler for more overclocking.

I've been looking at these two, 60$ is my budget.

Anyone know better coolers like these, or are these 2 the best I can get for this price?

If these are the best, which one should I choose?

Benchmarks would be nice, thank you.
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  1. The MSI Cyclone is already the best cooler out there. There's no point of buying an aftermarket one, max overclocks can be achieved on that cooler!
  2. Not really, I've seen way better overclocks than my card, with different 6850 coolers. Most I can get it is 925 core and 1135 mem, without overvolting.

    I want to get a lot more out of this card, and I've seen a lot more.

    I idle around 46 and max load around 80, my case has excellent airflow, 7 120mm fans, counting 2 on my H60.
  3. You have to raise your voltage to overclock regardless :p
  4. To get a great overclock, but to go like up 50-75 mhz, you don't.

    A great overclock is what I want, and to get that without melting my card, I want a good cooler.
  5. You can go up to 100C!
  6. I want my card to last a while, and I don't like it sitting at 80 for more than an hour.
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