Uestion about i5 3470 turbo boost

I'm just wondering if there is a way to keep the turbo boost always on instead of it dropping to the 3.2ghz all the time. (of course I would make sure my temperatures were safe)

And if there is a way,how would I go about doing it? In the BIOS somewhere? This is my first build so bare with me lol. Thanks!

- Brittany
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  1. Turbo Boost will only apply itself when the CPU needs that extra performance, it is effectively overclocking itself when it needs to.

    Far as I know, there isn't a way to force the Turbo Boost to stay active. You can however make its 3.2Ghz base frequency as constant, but I really don't see the point of it though.
    A CPU will down-clock itself to save power and reduce heat output when its not in use, then will ramp back up when the performance is needed.

    I suppose if you wanted to force a constant 3.6Ghz (the 3470 turbo boost), you could get a 3570k, clock it that high (which is a pretty minimal overclock of 200Mhz) and force that as a constant.
  2. Unfortunately my budget couldn't afford it. Although I'm already regretting not getting the 3570k. I was wondering after recieving the 3470,if I don't like it, can I return it and pay the difference for a 3570k?

    (bought from newegg)
  3. Depends on where you got if they will refund it simply because you changed your mind.
    All the computer stores I have dealt with don't though, but maybe your retailer will.

    According to the product page of the 3470.
    Says at the bottom it is non-refundable, can only send it back for a replacement if its DOA. If you have only ordered it recently, you may want to cancel the order.
  4. I have ordered it but it says it shipped yesterday =/ Too late correct?
  5. Dont know, contact Newegg Customer Support and see if its too late to cancel the order.
    Might get lucky and they might be shipping the components to another warehouse, where it will then be sent to you.

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