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Ive got an old LGA 775 dell board & processor ( 3.2HT) and i wanted to make an htpc out of it, for now atleast... What GFX card should i use play 1080p X264 from HDD and mabye some n64 emulations.... I am open to all suggestions and comments... THX for all ur help...

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  1. The HD7750, tiny amount of power draw (doesn't require any power cables) and should be decently powerful for light/med gaming.
    Suspect the N64 emulator will be constrained by the CPU before the graphics card.
  2. a pci 3.0 card in that low spec of a system... not doubting you.... just bewildered that that would be an option...
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    Any modern card will be PCI-3, it itself is not an indicator of performance.

    You could go even lower and get something like a 6670.
    Sapphire 6670. $65 ($15 rebate)
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