6870 GPU overheat driver fail ?

so i was playing bf3 today with an overclocked xfx 6870 original 900mhz gpu clock and 1050 mhz memory clock i overclocked it to
970mhz gpu clock and 1170mhz memory clock the tempurature reached about 61celcious and when i switched back to the game after checking tempuraures it says "driver fail driver recovery complete" so it almost resets instantly but is this because i oc'd to much or could it actually be a gpu problem. i was reaching around 54 fps avarage with all settings ultra no antiailising
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  1. Did you check for stability before you started playing your game?

    Also it's recommended to only OC one thing at a time so you KNOW what's causing the issue.
  2. you probably overclocked it too much..overclock only a little at a time .. check for stability after each overclock..find the sweet spot and then dont change it
  3. how do i check for stability
  4. after you overclock your card a little bit in amd CCC click the option for test custom clocks. so it will test your card for stability at those settings.. if it passes then it means its stable if it fails reset to last passed setting
  5. Download Furmark or run Unigine Heaven and loop it for a little bit. Keep an eye out for temperatures and any fragmentation.
  6. i dont see a test custom clock button were can i find this
  7. wait i found it i downloaded the amd overdrive but is it only stressing the cpu? i see no options for test gpu
  8. AMD Overdrive is meant for OCing your CPU.

    Download MSI Afterburner and tweak ONLY your GPU core, raise it little by little and run Unigine Heaven benchmark. See if you gain any FPS or see any artifacts to determine if the OC is stable or not.

    I can't stress enough ONLY tweaking your GPU core. If you increase the Voltage (if available) or memory frequency, you don't know what's causing instability.
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