Potential Power button issue?

Hello everyone! Now on to my problem, a month ago I went through the work of picking out parts to build a computer, got windows working on it, running games, and so forth. It then occured to me that it would be nice to throw a memory card reader in it, as a simple, cheap 10$ upgrade, that adds a lot of potential to a gaming pc beyond gaming. Well did the upgrade, made sure I wired its single "usb" connection to the motherboard, went to power it up see how many new drives I added, and to test it out. (rosewill 74 in 1 btw)

No dice, hitting the power button after turning on the power switch and nada, absolutely dead, no posting, nothing. I got scared and thought when I went to install it I was sloppy in the work and shorted the motherboard and killed it altogether, even though I had an antistatic wrist strap on, had the power cable plugged in, and switch set to off...

Went straight to breadboarding, shorted the power pins on the motherboard, PC posts fine.
Conclusion: No shorted components, and I doubt the card reader was installed wrong, it was a simple motherboard "usb" cable connection and that's it.

However when I went to insert the memory card reader I eventually pulled back the case's front panel, possibly putting stress on the power connector for the front panel power button? The button is perfectly fine, no major damage done to it.

This is my case: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16811108236&name=Computer-Cases

(Inwin dragon slayer)

My motherboard:

Please it'd be nice if you who are reading this has had or have this case, and posts help on this.
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  1. Do you have all the front panel connectors connected?
  2. Yes I rewired them all.
  3. Hmm...

    There might be a short somewhere or a broken wire. but I have never seen that case before so anyone on here who does might know how the front panel is set up
  4. ok
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