Games lag on mid-high end PC

Amd Phenom II X4 945
Amd Radeon 7770 Powercolor
8 Gb ram
1000 gb Harddrive
500 w PSU

So my games lag a little bit like mafia 2,Skyrim but when i tried minecraft with sphaxs mod (tekkit texture pack) it lagged with 5 FPS :ouch: with specs like this it should not lag,so hope that someone will solve my problem :D PS: i didnt know in what section to add this thread so i putted it in hoomebuilt but it isnt i bought it in a shop.
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  1. MSI 760GM-P21 or P23 is the motherboard
  2. Well i just saw sphaxs mod and yes it's pretty normal that it runs like crap on your PC.It probably runs like crap on almost every PC.
    It's also normal that games like Skyrim lag on your PC (if you run them on Ultra) because your PC is simply not high end.
  3. But how do i fix that micro-stutter
  4. buy a video card with more vram on it. the textures are off loading because the cards 1gig frame buffer can't hold them all.

    and no, cross-firing won't help.
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