Corsair 300r carbide, or Cooler Master 430 Elite?

I'm just looking for an opinion here, as far as which case is probably a smarter buy at the moment. My system is build so far is:
geforce gtx 280
amd a4 apu dual core
So nothing too fancy, but the mother board does support two front usb 3.0 ports which comes with the 300r but not the 430.
I can get the 430 for about 30$ + shipping at the moment, but I would also need to buy fans as it only comes with one.
I would probably buy a usb 3.0 adapter for the front as well, so total cost about 50$ + shipping.
Everyone I'e talked to says I won't need much cooling, as I won't be overclocking, but I figure I need at leas two.
The 300r is about 76$ + shipping, I'm jusy wondering if the corsair is a generally better case and if might save me a headache as far as cable management and if it's worth the extra money.
I may upgrade to SLI in the future, but I would need to buy a new mobo, so that's a ways off, probably a few years.
Thanks in advance, and let me know if you need more details.
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  1. 300r all day long you get what you pay for, and its worth the extra.
  2. Hey thanks for the reply, I'll just have to wait a week or so to actually pick it up, but no biggie. Also, I was looking at cases some more, and I found another case that seems very similar in features to the corsair 300r, which is the Xigmatek ASGARD 381. Not sure if anyone can give me some feedback, but if you can it would be greatly appreciated. This is the last part of my build, and It's been killing me for the better part of the past two weeks :( . Thanks again! :D
  3. Go for the Corsair Carbide Series 200R is one of those new budget oriented cases that comes in at a mere $59, but includes a ton of features to make it suitable for anyone looking to build a new PC, but is limited to a budget.

    With support for up to 8 fans, dust filters for the PSU and intake, tool free design, and a clearance of up to 320mm for those extra long graphics cards, it’s a beast of a case that doesn’t carry a beast of a pricetag.
  4. I'll definitley take a look at it, thanks for the suggestion. :)
  5. No problem your welcome!
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    300R is basically the same as the 200R except the 200R is smaller and has the solid bezel instead of the perforated one(perforated=better fan intake), plus it has a clear side panel version(300R)
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