800-900 gaming computer

My birthday is coming up and i have saved up 600 dollars and my parents are going to add 200-300 dollars so i have 800-900 to buy a decent gaming comp
Im thinknof going intel penntium and 7850.
I live in australia and would like it to come from one.

I am going to get the parts from pccasegear.com.au if there is a cheaper site i would like to know

Cpu-intel pentium g850 $77
Mobo- Asus p8b75-M-l $69
Ram- ares 8gb $45
Hard drive-seagate 500gb $62
Grahpic-His 7850 $209
Psu-Antec 550w $65
Case -sharkoon t28 red $65
Os-windows 7 64 bit pre
Moniter- Acer 21.5 inch $124
Mouse-steal series Kana optical $39
Keyboard-Razer arctosa black$45
Total $892
Is this good a build
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  1. Hmmm... I believe that's as good as it gets. Good job!

    EDIT: I'll see if I can revise it a little for better components while staying on budget when I get home, but really it's a good build already; well thought-out.
  2. The build is pretty good.
    Have a look around MSY and Umart. Between them and PC Case Gear you will find the cheapest prices on most items.

    Though I MUST advise against the Razer Arctosa black edition. Bought one myself, and the black lettering on black keys is horrible to work with. Currently its sitting on my shelf being unused until I can sell it off to someone else.
    Currently using the Thermaltake Challenger Pro. The non-LED backlit version is ~ the same price as the Arctosa and I highly recommend swapping for that.

    EDIT: Link to the keyboard. PC Case Gear was down when I first posted.
  3. Okay, I can't do anything anymore. :lol:

    Your build is good to go. :)
  4. Newegg doesn't ship to AU.
  5. For keyboard roccat avro gaming keyboard is this a good one?
  6. Wish i lived in america things are way cheaper
  7. Never heard of it. Just look up some reviews on it.

    Ditto, components are so expensive here in Aus.
  8. Ok thanks and yea there more expensive here
  9. It's worse here. Cheapest 7950 is like $360. :lol:
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