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Looking to buy this desktop. Not a serious gamer, but do like playing Total War series, Call of Duty, etc. Will the graphics card that comes with it (I think its Intel Integrated) support those types of games well enough?
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  1. Not really. They will be playable with low settings, reduced resolutions, and no AA type functions.
  2. No you are going to want a dedicated graphics card if you are playing games.
  3. Don't do it! The Inspiron 660 has a PCI Express X 16 slot but it is a real challenge to get a card to actually be detected by the machine! Judging by feedback on the Dell forums, it seems to be some weird & freaky motherboard issue. I'm just in the process of returning an Inspiron 660 to Dell for this very reason.
  4. I am not so sure which issues Inspiron 660 has, please provide links to forums, if you are having issues and cannot return it to Dell post it, from all Dell line up Inspiron are the easiest to upgrade, especially mini tower, I feel sorry for owners of compact models. The only issue is power supply - has to be upgraded and physical size of card.
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