HD7850 not being read on Z77 extreme4 mobo

Hey guys :)

I have recently installed a new Z77 extreme4 motherboard, and I am having difficulties working out my HD7850. I have installed the software to what I believe many times, but it is just not registering that there is a device. The GPU did work on my old motherboard.

My graphics card is working to an extent with the fans working on it, but other than that, I am not sure.

My AMD Catalyst Centre program is also not running at all. I have reinstalled it, restarted my computer, got the latest version off of the web ect, and it just doesn't want to run.

Any help would be greatly appreciated :) thanks in advance
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  1. Did you plug in the power cable to the gpu. is your.monitor connected to the gpu and not the motherboard
  2. Yeah, I have plugged in my GPU, and no, my monitor is connected to my motherboard. No signal if I plug it into my GPU
  3. Sorry, but a shameful self bump :(
  4. Is the GPU seated all the way in the slot on the motherboard? Can you maybe take it out and put it back in just to be sure?
  5. If you want the GPU to be detected, the monitor has to be plugged into the GPU. Did you get no signal on your old motherboard as well?
  6. The GPU is seated all the way in.
    And on my old motherboard, everything worked properly :(
  7. razar-matt said:
    Sorry, but a shameful self bump :(


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