Dying video card?

This started happening today on my xfx 5770 my monitor started to flash black for like 1 sec and the turns back on and sometimes it would shake and flash black,also on youtube I see black patches that cover certain parts of the screen and the parts around the the video would turn black.it doesnt happen or hasnt happened yet while im blaying bf3.2 weeks ago it said that the display driver has stopped working and had recovered like 3 times.My resolution is 1920 x1080.it happens once in a while
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  1. Hello Lad,
    Yes, it means that Your GPU is slowly dying. The black patches are called artifacts. You will see them more often later and that indicates, that You need to change Your GPU. Example of artifacts:

  2. I have had this happen in the past and a driver re-installation cured the problem for me. The drivers get corrupted somewhere along the line, don't know how. My GPU was fine.
  3. i guess i have to wait if it gets worse
  4. Check the temperatures of the card.
  5. crossfiresli160 said:
    i guess i have to wait if it gets worse

    So You decided to bake Your GPU? Good luck!
  6. i was plying bf3 and it hits 96c
  7. That is way too hot
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