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Hi! I want to upgrade my laptops CPU.
Specs:(according to CPU-Z)
CPU :Intel Pentium Dual Core T2390 1.86 GHz
RAM: 2GB drr2
Motherboard:ASUSTeK F3E
Integrated graphics: Intel GM965

I cant understand what kind of CPU socket my motherboard has. I`ve been looking for info in tons of websites and programs but they all say something different. CPU-Z says that it is socket P, Intel says its PPGA478 (dont know what that means), another site said that its Socket N (not M) and another that it`s Socket 478. This is very confusing. The more info i read more confusing it gets. As far as i know there are 3 socket types that use 478 pins (P, 478, M) and they are not compatible with each other.

Could anyone please tell me what kind of socket my processor has and maybe some suggestions which processors are compatible with my motherboard?

P.S. I`ve spent more than 6 hours non-stop reading about processors and sockets so dont get mad if I have made a mistake and if so, please correct me. :)

Some of resources:
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  1. PPGA478 is the socket that your current processor works in.
  2. It is socket P. Even though a cpu is the same socket, it doesn't mean the mobo bios will accept it. Your best bet is to contact asus and see if they will give you a cpu compatibility list.
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