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Hi, i have an XFX 4870 1GB ATI Card and huge problems in linux to control the clock settings. Usually i use CCC in Windows to control the temperature and the fan workrate of the card, this is easy done in CCC's Overdrive Tab, where i just need to accept the agreement and then scroll the gpu and mem clocks lower (to 600, 450 minimum). This is makes an huge difference into the temps, like 20 C at iddle. Without running CCC on Windows the temp is 70 C at iddle, then i run Catalyst Control Center where i have Overdrive active and temps colds back to 52 C.

So, this is my problem, i really want too run linux but not without this control. ATI Drivers on Linux are shite and do not change the clocks over -aticonfig --odsc etc,,, (yes i have tried the official driver, and yes i have reinstalled everything more than once).

My question is, is there a way to set the GPU clock settings to minimum in the BIOS? Or is there any other way to set it so that Linux doesnt have to deal it (the logical result of this would be that i don't need Catalyst in Windows?!?!)

Thanx in advance, deshardi

ps. sorry if it s the wrong subforum, if so please mods move it.
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  1. Yes. It is possible via a BIOS mod. It's called RBE or Radeon BIOS Editor. You can change voltage/clock and other settings.
  2. Thanx, well i got tho the documentation nd i just don't see it. Where do i change the clock settings? I mean it s okay to create an new bin file under DOS, but where do i set the clock settings actually?
  3. In windows, use a program like GPU-Z to extract the BIOS file, then open it in RBE. There should be a tab for clock settings.
  4. _zxzxzx_ Thanx, i did it tho DOS nd it worked without problems. No need for an UI and i feel it's more secure to do it outside Windows.
  5. Yeah, it's fine to do it in DOS but you would still need Windows to run RBE to change clock settings right?
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