Undetectable graphics card after windows reinstall

i just re installed windows 7 and didnt have the disc so had to download all the drivers from another computer. now my graphics card wont install.. it came with a nvidia geforce 410m i downloaded the driver and it said its not compatible. went onto the website and the website runs a test on your computer and finds you an apropriate program to install your card but test came up that i have no graphics card.. so where to from here?
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  1. Try again but get the drivers from here: http://www.geforce.com/drivers

    And do it on the laptop that you are trying to install drivers for, if you don't it will detect the other pcs video card and give you that driver.
  2. the scan comes back

    NVIDIA Products Not Found
    We could not find any NVIDIA products within your system. Please try again or use the manual search

    should i just go ahead and download the right one anyway and give it a go?
  3. Did you install the intel driver first? Also, try downloading the driver from your laptop manufacturer website.
  4. Nvidia doesn't usually provide the drivers for OEM laptop/mobile chips... You will have to go to the manufacturer's support website.... i.e HP, Sony, Asus etc.
  5. im not sure? im not a wizz on computers. but i can find my way around them alright. how do i know if ive installed the intel driver?
  6. Remember what you installed? Didn't you just reinstall windows?
  7. It would probably in Programs and features in control panel...
  8. i had to download the windows seven thing and burn it to a dvd to do it because my laptop didnt come with the disc. i then typed in my laptop model etc and it gave me a page with all the drivers i needed to install it had a nvidia one. and it said it installed. but aparantly not.
  9. i just downloaded a new one and it seems to be working.
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