Need help to choose power supply for new pc and graphics card.

I want to buy a new pc. But i am not sure about the power supply. Some sites offer nice power programs that indicate the amount of watts needed for a system, but when i read blogs like this one it seems that most people are using way less?? The specs is as follow. Motherboard: Asrock Z77 pro3 motherboard. Processor : Ivy brigde i5 3470 3.2ghz. 4 gb corsair vengance memory. elite 430 case with 5 fans. Coolermaster X6 , RR-X6NN-19PR-R1 - CPU Cooler. At this stage i will use the integrated graphics until i can buy a proper graphics card. So for this system what graphics card do you suggest and the ammount of power i will need. Thanks
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    A quality 650W or 750W PSU is plenty for your system with up to a single GTX680. You could even get by with a 550Watt but it's best to get a 650W/750W.

    Which card?

    That totally depends on your budget.

    I tend to lean towards NVidia GTX670/680 for high-end gaming machines. I have the Asus GTX680 TOP card which is about $540 and three slots. There are also other good 670/680 cards from Gigabyte and others. Always get one with a nice non-reference cooler and possibly read a review on the card.

    The following is on sale in the US and reasonably priced (or use as examples):

    Graphics Card:

    Asus has some nice cards, Sapphire has nice AMD cards (HD7000 series), and Antec and others have good Power Supplies.

    I don't want to get bogged down with AMD/NVidia etc so if you have any specific questions just ask.
  2. FYI, the following card is on back order, but it's an awesome card. I'm still not sure on your budget though.

    This card performs about the same as a stock GTX680:

    In the following review, take note of:
    a) performance relative to other cards, and
    b) NOISE level in both idle and load

    *Definitely read the conclusion.
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  4. Thank you for reading my post and the great replies. Thank you again. :D :D
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