Is there an AMD FX-8350 that comes with the FX water cooling kit?

I have found this on newegg, since I am planning on building a computer soon..

and I really like the look of the water cooling kit for this AMD FX-8150, but I really want to get an AMD FX-8350..

Has anyone seen the FX-8350 with this FX water cooling kit? Or is AMD only selling this cooler with this one CPU?
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  1. They only come stock with the basic 4 heat pipe AMD cooler. But you can buy an aftermarket water cooler.
  2. For how awesome the amd stock liquid cooler is for its led fx logo and the price point with the 8150, there is no 8350 version and not worth buying the 8150 just for the cooler as the performance between the two cpus is much worse and go out can get a corsair h series, cooler master, zalman, thermaltake etc closed loop cooler
  3. AMD originally put out those kits as a high priced premium kit. BUt I think they realized that nobody is going to spend i7 money on an 8000 series CPU, even with a water cooler. They are cheap now, but only as clearance items. If it was a new liquid kit with the 8350, it would probably be $250-260.

    If you HAVE to have it, you can buy an 8150 liquid kit for $180, sell the processor on ebay for $140-ish and pay about $60 out of pocket after fees, etc for the cooler. One sold for $50 on ebay the other day, so you might find one that way.
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