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Nvidia's current driver is 301.24. I had it successfully installed on my Windows 7 Home 64bit system. I started to have performance issues with my FSX experience and been having a very difficult time diagnosing the issue to a point of resolution. I've tried many suggestions of other with no success. One suggestion which I hadn't tried, and I wish to now, is to try a different driver. I wish to use the older 296.10 version that had worked well on my system prior to update.

Through the control panel, I uninstalled all the Nvidia applications, and did a restart. However, Windows 7 on startup automatically downloaded the video device driver for the Nvidia card and installed it. It was the same version as the one I had previously uninstalled. I researched how to disable the automatic updating http://www.sevenforums.com/drivers/82054-turn-off-windows-7-automatic-driver-installation.html but it didn't take for some reason. On reboot, Windows 7 continue to automatically update the device driver with 301.24.

I started Windows 7 in safe mode, and installed a saved copy of 296.10 I had on my computer. It installed no problem, and Windows 7 started fine. However, I am unable to access the Nvidia control panel. I keep getting a fatal error "Nvidia Control Panel Application 4.4.730.0 has stopped working." It dosen't matter how I try to install 296.10, this is always the result.

If I install 301.24, the control panel has no issues, or possible things to consider to get rid ofthis issue?

Anyone have any thoughts on this??
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  1. What GPU are you talking about. The latest WHQL driver for 5xx and 6xx cards is 301.42. You may also want to try a newer beta driver.
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