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hey guys I bought a pc quite a while ago from chillblast, it was the chillblast fusion midas.
here are the specs:
mother board: asus p7p55d-e
processor: intel i5 CPU 760 (it's been overclocked aswell by them but to be honest i don't know how much too
graphics card: nvidia geforce gtx 460
RAM: 4gb of ddr3-1333 sdram
hard drive: 1tb samsung HD103sj?

i'm thinking of getting an ssd and maybe doing a few other upgrades. I want to know if an ssd like an ocz agility 3 will work alongside my hard drive and if the mobo will let it.
please can someone help me out and tell me what kind of good upgrades i could do and maybe help me out on some good parts.
thanks very much

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  1. you'll need to install the opsys on the SSD for good performance.

    options....... this..... http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16820171667

    or if you get yourself a ram upgrade ( speed and amount ) something like this.....copy and paste url into google....... http://www.pcworld.com/article/260918/how_to_supercharge_your_pc_with_a_ram_disk.html

    I would also upgrade the video card to something more modern.... maybe a 660 ?

    the first one I believe you need windows 7 for..... you'll have to look.. i forget.
  2. sorry i'm kind of new to upgrading pc's i'm not really sure about if everything is compatible and things, could i not use that ssd then?
    edit: the ocz agility 3*
  3. said yes but you'll have to reformat the SSD ( install the operating system on it )
  4. The OCZ Agility 3 isn't the most reliable drive.

    A far better choice is the 128GB Samsung 830 which can be found for about $100 on sale.

    Reinstall Windows?
    Not necessarily. If your current 1TB drive has used less than about 115GB (whatever the actual 128GB of usage is on the Samsung SSD) then you can clone.

    If your 1TB drive is too full, you can still clone Windows to the SSD but you need to either DELETE enough stuff or else COPY to another drive.

    If your 1TB drive is full of STEAM games there's a way to fix that.

    How to clone:
    1. If 1TB drive too full, COPY and/or DELETE enough stuff to drop below 115GB
    2. Find some free CLONING software (EASEUS maybe, or www.ultimatebootcd.com )
    3. Clone the 1TB drive to the SSD
    4. verify everything works
    5. Delete unneeded files on the 1TB drive
    6. Copy BACK files to the 1TB drive if you copied to another drive

    Reinstalling Windows on SSD:
    1. Unhook the 1TB drive
    2. Install Windows
    3. Install Motherboard main chipset driver, video and audio drivers etc...
    4. Microsoft Updates
    5. Hook the 1TB drive up again
    6. Boot into your BIOS immediately and verify the SSD is your boot drive
    7. Sort out your 1TB drive
    8. Sort out STEAM if needed (ask if you need more info)
    9. Create an IMAGE backup of your SSD occasionally to the hard drive so you can RESTORE in case of SSD failure or corruption (Acronis True Image or other. Windows 7 has an Image tool but it's not the best.)
  5. thank you so much but i needed more memory and i couldn't really afford the bigger samsung ssd so i got the agility 3, do you know of any motherboards that support sata III and are good for gaming, any help would be much appreciated!:)
    EDIT: i was thinking maybe an asrock z77 extreme 4 or an asrock z68 Extreme3 Gen3 but i'm really not sure about mobo's:)
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