Can only copy files one way on network

I have a network using windows home server 1, with 3 computers hooked up to it. Two of them work fine but the 3rd computer cannot successfully copy a file to the network. However, I can copy a file from the network to computer 3.

This started suddenly about a week ago and there were no driver updates or anything changed that would cause this. When I copy a file from the network to computer 3 I get about 80mb/second. When I try the reverse, it pauses and after about 5 seconds I get a message saying:

There is a problem accessing \\server\serverfolder. Make sure you are connected to the network and try again.

If I try to copy a small file of a few megabytes it will copy though.

Any ideas on what could be causing this?
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  1. Just redo the sharing on that system and restart it. That may be enough to wake things up but if it still fails, go to one of the others and map the drive to that drive and give it a new letter.

  2. I'm not really following you. This isn't a windows homeshare, this is a windows 7 pc hooked up to a windows home server. There are no drive letters and I don't think there is any drive mapping.

    Maybe you're on to something but I'm not sure how to perform that task.
  3. What Saga means is that you can map a drive to that specific share on the server.

    For example...

    If I wanted to access "Music" off the server and it was shared, but it was to much effort going through the server etc everytime I wanted to access it. I could map a drive to this share. So all I would have to do is open up my computer, and it would show as a drive (which then goes through to the server automatically)

    To do this...

    Start > Run > 'ComputerName' > Right click the share > Map Network Drive > Assign it a drive letter.

    'ComputerName' being the name of the server your connecting to.
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  5. Lewza says it so much better than I did. "Map a Network Drive" is Microsoft speak and "plot a route to a network drive or folder" would make more sense.

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